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If your property has been damaged by rain storms, flooding, burst pipes or
broken appliances, there’s no time to wait to file an insurance claim. Did you
know that 43% of homeowners have experienced water damages to their home?

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Don’t Drown In Confusing Insurance Policies

Many insurance policies contain vague or tricky exclusions that may not make sense to a first-time (or second-time) claimant. In
fact, it’s fairly common for insurance companies to incorrectly deny part, or even all, of a claim because of a technicality. Get the help you need from the seasoned professionals.

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Between the requested paperwork, recorded statements, photos of your property before the damage - and possibly more - it can be a lot to handle without the proper help. Get help from experienced insurance claim professionals to make sure your claim is airtight and is processed quickly and efficiently.

Kling Law will assist through the entire insurance claim process so you get your payout quickly.

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